Tuesday, March 5, 2013

On Baby Turnng One

Not fair! That is the best description I have! My BABY just turned one! How did that happen so fast? I'm still not sure I'm used to have 3 children or having a GIRL! I haven't quite adjusted yet and it's been a year?!
   It seems we are constantly reminded to enjoy every second with our children/while they're young/while we're in school/while we're young... etc. etc. etc. because it goes so quickly. I think I'm acutely aware of how quickly it goes and acutely aware of how much I need to enjoy it and so then I'm constantly wondering if I'm enjoying it enough and savoring these moments ENOUGH? I hope I do. I do so love each of these crazy moments.
    And so maybe 'not fair' isn't quite accurate. All I know is that tonight after the hyper-pink lemonade cupcakes were put away, teeth were brushed, Reesie was measured on the height chart, and the official 1 year old picture in the wooden rocking chair that-will-someday-be-an-heirloom was taken, we took a minute to watch Reesie Roo's video of eating her cake, and then I couldn't help digging through iphoto for Zachary's video eating cake, and you guessed it, Isaac's too. The thought occurred to me... is this my life? How could my life have gone so quickly already? How did Reese turn one, Isaac just lost his second tooth and started piano lessons, and Zachary became the smartest human being alive? How did all that happen while I blinked?
       And now I just feel grateful. Grateful for so many amazing little moments. Grateful I can share them all with Ben and these three little amazing people. Oh the love I feel for them feels like it will make my heart explode. That's a pretty good feeling.