Thursday, January 23, 2014

My Mystery Object

Ike came home from school with this project. I loved it and want to remember to do it for preschool. F.O.R.E.V.E.R. It was THAT good:) Ike's class was working on visualization and descriptive writing. Abstract thought is obviously something still developing, but I think there is lots of value in this assignment even at the preschool age.
1. Each child must pick one object from home to place in their paper lunch sack.
2. Each student must brainstorm some descriptive words to help the group visualize it. SOme questions you may anser to help you thinkof clues are: What colors does it have? How does it feel?
3. Descriptive clues are then organized into 3 or 4 clues.
4. These kiddos then practiced reading their clues, but preschoolers could either practice reading or memorizing.

Ike took a small blue flashlight he received for Christmas. Here is what he wrote:

1. My mystery object is blue.
2. It helps you see in emergencies.
3. My brother and I play with it.
4. We have to be careful not to get it in anyone's eyes.

Because we live in Oklahoma, the emergency clue gave it away. I highly doubt kids in Arizona would have equated emergency and flashlight! It was however, great writing practice, cooperation, and abstract thought:)

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